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Dr Elizna Schoeman

Dr Elizna Schoeman

Research Fellow

Product Safety Research Group

Dr Elizna Schoeman (PhD) joined the Australian Red Cross Blood Service as a Senior Research Assistant in 2014. Her current interests lie in developing new strategies for blood typing to improve transfusion safety. This includes using massively parallel sequencing for the detection and study of blood group antigens and developing antenatal typing for blood groups that are involved in Haemolytic Disease of the Foetus and Newborn using digital polymerase chain reaction (dPCR) technology. 

She received a PhD Biochemistry degree in 2011 and attained a postdoctoral research fellow position in 2012, both from the North West University, South Africa. As a doctoral student and a postdoctoral fellow, she pursued research into the molecular genetic aetiology of neurodegenerative and neuromuscular disorders and was awarded the Young Investigator Award in 2010 at the 7th Conference of The Asian Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine, Japan.



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