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'Winter Blitz' launched in response to falling donor numbers

Monday 27th Jul 2015

Australia needs a whopping 6,000 additional donors over the next fortnight to prevent a shortage of blood products for patients in need.
Cold and flu season combined with an already low inventory and low number of donor bookings means the Lifeblood is urging more donors to roll up their sleeves and give blood.
The Winter Blood Blitz will run from today until Sunday 5 July and is aiming to recruit new 6,000 new donors in that time.
Each week, a constant supply of more than 29,000 donations is needed across Australia in order to help cancer patients, road trauma victims, unborn babies, women in childbirth, people undergoing emergency surgery, and many more.

Donors are needed every day across the fortnight, but the following dates are by far the most in need:

  • Friday, 26 June:          800 donors still needed
  • Saturday, 27 June:     200 donors still needed
  • Wednesday, 1 July:   1,000 donors still needed
  • Thursday, 2 July:       1,100 donors still needed
  • Friday, 3 July:            1,000 donors still needed

Spokesman Shaun Inguanzo encouraged Australians to roll up their sleeves.
“One in three of us will need donated blood in our lifetime, and the only way to ensure that it will be there when we need it is to give it,” he said.
“Australia relies on around 500,000 donors, so we know that there are many more people who could possibly give blood but currently don’t.
“We’re urging people who are aged between 16 and 70, feel fit and healthy, and who want to help save lives, to make an appointment to give blood between now and 5 July.”

Bookings are essential.