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Last minute cancellations are hurting blood stocks

Monday 27th Jul 2015

The Lifeblood is pleading with people to honour their blood donation appointments this week following a recent surge of last minute cancellations. 
Lifeblood data reveals that up to 70 donors a day are cancelling their appointments at short notice because they feel they’re too busy, with Monday the biggest day for these cancellations.

Spokesperson Jessica Willet said last minute cancellations were putting a dent in blood stocks at a time of critical winter need by leaving no time to find a replacement donor.
“In recent weeks we have seen a worrying surge in donors cancelling or simply not showing up because they feel they are too busy,” she said.
“We still need an additional 2,000 donors to give blood this week to help patients in hospitals get the blood they need,” she said.
“On top of calling for more donors, we need people to do their best to honour existing appointments unless they’re feeling unwell.
“Blood donation only takes an hour and helps save three lives. If you need to cancel, then please provide plenty of notice so we have time to find someone to donate in your place. 

Ms Willet reminded those donors that every donation mattered.
“Blood is needed every day by cancer patients, road trauma victims, women giving birth, and people undergoing emergency surgery,” she said.
“If that person was your mum, dad, brother or sister, you would expect the blood to be there.
“With cold and flu symptoms wiping out as many as 900 donors a week, right now every donation counts. So if you make an appointment to give blood, please do your best to attend.”