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Crunch time: donors needed to eat biscuits, save lives

Tuesday 17th Nov 2015

The Lifeblood is urging Australians to ‘crumb on down’ to their local blood donor centre or mobile service to give blood and eat Australia’s best biscuit – curbing a potential blood shortage in the process.The need for additional donors between today and 5 September is being spurred by a late peak in flu season which has driven existing donors to cancel in greater numbers than expected.

On average, up to 28 percent of donors continue to cancel their appointments, mainly due to cold and flu symptoms.

Lifeblood spokesman Shaun Inguanzo said giving blood felt great, only took an hour of your time, and donors would get to relax and enjoy Australia’s best biscuit and a cup of tea afterwards.

“The biscuit you get after donating blood is Australia’s best biscuit, not for its ingredients, but because it means you’ve just saved three lives,” Mr Inguanzo said.

“Every blood donation helps to save three lives, including the lives of cancer patients, road trauma victims, people with blood disorders, unborn babies, and mothers during childbirth.”

Some of Australia’s best-known chefs - Gabriel Gaté, Donna Hay, Kylie Kwong, Matt Moran, Neil Perry and Adriano Zumbo, all agree that the biscuit you get after donating blood is the best biscuit ever (even the Cookie Monster agrees). Make an appointment to give blood - and eat a biscuit - today!