Do you have Royal blood?

The Red Cross Blood Service is challenging Australians to find out if they have Royal blood this Queen’s Birthday long weekend by becoming a blood donor.

Queen Elizabeth II has type O blood. People with type O blood are thought to be goal-oriented, enthusiastic, optimistic and good at business.* Could you be one of them?

Blood Service Chief Executive Jennifer Williams says type O blood is in highest demand in our hospitals.

“There are thousands of patients who rely on type O transfusions every day,” Ms Williams said.

The Queen’s Birthday long weekend is a hard time for the Blood Service, with many regular donors going away or unable to donate due to colds and flu.

“We need new donors to make an appointment this week because our stocks can quickly drop to critical levels,” Ms Williams added.

“If you have a spare hour this week please make an appointment to donate blood, your one blood donation has the power to save three lives.”

Almost 27,000 donations are needed every week for people battling cancer, heart, stomach and bowel disease, accident or trauma or to address complications in pregnancy and childbirth.

Make an appointment to donate blood today to find out if Royal blood runs in your veins or call 13 14 95.

 (*Source: You are your blood type by T.Nomi & A. Besher, Pocket Books, 1983)